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There is great benefit to being in the presence of crystals.  They are the children of the earth and they offer you a direct physical connection to Gaia.  Holding or simply being in the presence of a crystal can bring about the same euphoric feelings as when you are out in nature and are witness to a breathtaking view.  Your stresses and cares feel miles away when you are by a bubbling spring, or walking barefoot on the beach, or among the many trees of the forest, or atop a majestic mountain.  The crystals hold a similar energy. Theirs is a vibration of harmony and peaceful presence.  The reason for that is simple.  They bring you into the present moment.  Our current spiritual leaders often speak of “the power of now” and “mindfulness” and “presence” … well crystals are the very embodiment of such beingness.  There are no better “teachers” of how to be fully present in our lives than the stone beings.  This is why so many people are drawn to them.

woodland crystals
Song of Stones is a the sanctuary that keeps your precious
crystals and stones, and the messages sealed within them,
in sacred trust for you until you come for them.
We often have your stone here long before you know you're looking for them.
The stones will guide you here when it is time.

Customers often tell us that the stones that come from Song of Stones are their favourite. 
It’s not because the stones here are more special than the ones you will find anywhere else. 
It’s because they are held in a space of love and honour
from the time they arrive here to the moment they are sent to you.

Let the crystals guide you in finding them. 
Move into the space of your heart
and let your hands move and fingers click
as you are guided by the magic of the moment. 
You will see that they will take you to the right place. 
But it's up to you whether you choose
to take a more controlled and logical approach to finding your crystal,
or to trust and allow the flow of guidance
to carry you there in a nonsensical meander through the pages of this site.
You'll find your crystal anyway.  It's just how it must be.

You can always ask us to listen for the stone that is singing for you.
It's what we do best.

It's up to you to choose
which path you take to find your crystal.
Each path will take you on a different Journey.  
But all roads lead to home.

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