Why would you create a crystal grid?

People create crystal grids for many reasons: for protection, for altars, for success, for healing, for love … There are many purposes for creating grids. But what are they really and how do they work? There is an air of mystery around crystal grids that causes people trepidation and intimidation around creating them. I want to show you that creating a crystal grid is something that you already know how to do and may already be doing naturally. I’m going to share with you what these stone circles – as I like to call them – are to me.

There are 2 main types of crystals grids that are commonly used:

  • you can encircle a space with a specifically intended energy – like placing crystals in the 4 corners of a room for peace, safety, etc.; or,
  • you can enclose within a crystal grid, energetic vibrations that you receive into the gridded space or transmit from within the circle – like a grid for an altar to send out healing or call in guidance.

Co-creating a crystal circle is like opening up an unseen space within which to invite in or send out a certain vibrational energy based on desired intention.

Crystal grids are often presumed to be beautifully patterned mandala like designs or geometric shapes but they can take many different forms. I most often find myself creating stone circles within crystal bowls – I happen to love bowls. But a duet of crystals kissing or a triangular trio can just as easily be your grid.


I know the crystals to be living beings; and so to me a crystal circle is not a tool to be programmed with my intention and used for a certain purpose but a circle of beings that I invite in with purpose and intention. Do you see the distinction between the two? I see the stone beings as conscious co-creators who join me in a purpose. Sometimes they come to teach and guide and sometimes they come as witness to the creation. They do not come to manifest the desired energy for me – we do it together. Through their presence, they offer the vibrational pattern and show me how to call upon that same frequency from within myself. It is a harmonious collaboration – a song that we choose to sing together.

One way to see it is through the example of an experienced dance teacher demoing a new step … she does the step and the students follow along until they have integrated the moves into their body. Much of the learning comes from being in the presence of the teacher and from imitating the moves. Once they know the routine, they know it – they no longer need the teacher to continue instructing them. They can then do the dance without any guidance or support.
Let me share a couple of examples of some circles that came into presence recently.

I had to rush a family member to the emergency room recently. I am grateful that I had the presence of mind to hear some crystals that were volunteering to come and support me through the ordeal. There were 5 stones singing to me … I gathered them up and brought them along and they helped me to stay peaceful and grounded through the insanity and the uncertain waiting. This is a perfect example of a circle of crystalline guides who come together for a loving purpose. It might not be what you might first imagine a crystal grid to be but it is one example. I had no idea in the moment that this is what was coming together. I had only seconds to prepare my things for the hospital. All I did was pay mind to the stones who were singing and trust in taking them with me. It is only now as I sit to write this that I realize I had been pulling together the elements of a crystal grid.

Sometimes such a gathering of crystalline ones are called medicine bundles. Whatever you choose to call them … crystal grid, stone circle or medicine bundle … these are just different ways of describing the same thing – a group of stone beings joining in circle – co-creating a harmonic pattern of vibrations for a specific purpose – be it intentional or unknown. Can you see the this description would apply to any of these labels?

The first example was of a grid that came about unintentionally. There are times I bring together a Circle of Stone guides on purpose. When I was co-creating the MIA Journey (a year long guided journey into awakening magic) I was inspired to open a space in expectation of the stone beings that would be coming forth as guides for the journey. I began with a large stone bowl and as stones for the journey began to sing, they would join in the circle.

This circle is one that would come together gradually over time – rather than a pattern of stones that are designed at one time. You might think that a crystal grid is something that is created in a single step, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are no hard and fast rules when guided by the inspiration of the heart, rather than the logic of the mind.

Something happens when you bring crystals together in these circles. Individually the crystalline spirits emanate their personal energetic gifts of guidance and wisdom. But bringing these stone beings together – something is created that is beyond their individual vibrations – even beyond the sum of their parts. It is similar to an overtone in a chorus. It’s a new and unique vibration that comes into being as a result of the collective circle. The creation itself has a presence apart from the individual beings in the circle. It’s like the difference between an individual human consciousness and the collective consciousness of humanity.

By the way if you are open to seeing crystal grids in this way – as a conscious co-creation, then you should realize that YOU are a part of this spirit circle. You are creating and you are part of the creation. When you open your awareness to this, your experience with your circle (or I should say WITHIN the circle) becomes deeper and more powerful.

While sometimes I purposefully and intentionally create a grid, most often the grids create themselves. One crystal will begin singing and then another will join and soon I have a circle of stones. Usually I keep the crystals in a bowl or a special box. I will keep that bowl near me for as long as we need to dance together (that may be a few days, a few weeks or a whole year). I will often keep my medicine bundle near by when I sleep at night and have it close to my work space during the day. Having them nestled in a bowl makes it easy for me to move them.

That is my way of creating a stone circle. It evolves naturally. I often don’t realize it’s what I’m doing until afterwards. This is how inspiration works – a natural guided movement that has rhyme but no reason. To co-create in this way, you will need to let go of trying to control the creation (outcome) and open your heart in trust of your crystalline partners. Creations that come about in this way are often the most powerful ones. That is because when you allow a creation to materialize without expectation of what it is going to be, nurturing and growing it in sync with the creation itself, this harmony can spark a profound transformation in you that ripples through time.

You might not see the crystals the same way that I do. I encourage you to discover what they are to you in your own way. There are many ways to create grids. You will create yours in your own unique way. Do not worry about getting it just right and have fun with it … play with the crystals. Trust in your naturally creative ability and your grid will vibrate in perfect harmony for your purpose. You’ve probably already been doing it. Take a look around and notice if you’ve intuitively placed some of your crystals in certain ways or with other elements in a naturally guided movement. You might not have realized at the time that you were already creating a grid.

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