carved in stone

  are a co-created sequence of words similar to a song or poem.  They are similar to a Blessing … they work much like a Spell does … they are all positively worded like an affirmation, but they are not really any of these.  I’ve come to call these arrangements of words Incantations … but they are much more than that too.  They are about connecting to an energy that you wish to bring forward into your life.  They are a pattern of words which are designed to focus and expand that energy.  They are always about coming into harmony and UNITY with oneness and connecting to your true source of power.  Repeating an incantation that is custom co-created for you is It’s very much like awakening to a part of yourself that you didn’t know you forgot you had.

faded words

I experienced a magical transformation through a personal incantation that was custom co-created for me.  That incantation – the one that started all this –  transformed me like NO OTHER ENERGY has ever done … and I’ve worked with some brilliant energies … the stones which are my first great love and the trees and colour and essential oils and of course there are the fairies and Angels and the animal totems.  All beautifully transformative energies and I still connect with them – just in a whole other way.  Where before I connected to these energies from a space of need now I do so out of love and joy.  Let’s see if I can explain … for instance if I was feeling fear or I had physical symptoms or an emotional low or a trauma of some kind, etc., I would reach for a crystal or an essential oil or a homeopathic remedy, or whatever I was guided to connect with.  Even then I had been aware that truly there was nothing to “heal” and these energies were there to support me in “self-healing” rather than fix me. Yet, there was still a “need” there.  The Star Songs began to shift that in me but the Incantations  transformed me so powerfully I don’t know that I can describe it with words.  Now I connect with these energies in a completely different way.  My relationship with them has changed.  One way to look at it is like this … it’s the difference between meeting with someone in a professional way or as a friend. Meaning, you could go to a naturopath for a remedy OR you can go to a friend for a hug. The naturopath offers the possibility of “healing” and the friend offers her presence and support.  The naturopath may be the most loving soul with the greatest desire and intention to do what’s best for her patients, but the friend is there ONLY out of love with no other intention.  She’s not trying to fix something that’s wrong with you.  She is just there with you out of love.  It’s a much deeper and more intinmate experience.  It’s very empowering.  There may be purpose to getting support from a naturopath or another source that you may be guided to; but there may come a time to reach beyond the limited boundaries of any physical source of healing and look to your true source of well being.  That is what these INCANTATIONS guide you towards. That was my experience with them.


When I first experienced the power of these poetic pieces, it was a little like discovering that you can fly but not having anyone there to show you how.  It’s like finding out BY ACCIDENT that MAGIC really exists – truly – literally; and then trying to figure out how it works and how to get it  to work intentionally; and most importantly, how to show you how to make it work.  I think that’s what the Star Songs and the Incantations have done for me – help me figure out how it works and how to intentionally make it work.  The amazing part is that everyone has this innate magical ability.  There is no course you need to take; no club you need to be initiated into; no task you need to perform; nobody you have to prove your worthiness to.  It’s YOURS.  You’ve just forgotten how to do it – even that you don’t need anyone to help you with.  However, if you would like some gentle reminding, that’s what the Star Songs and the Incantations do.  They help you to remember who you are.

It’s a little like trading your cow for magic beans and then DISCOVERING THEY REALLY ARE MAGIC~!!~


These Incantations are custom co-created just for you.  They take around seven days to complete, but sometimes more.  During that period, I devote much of my time and energy to the process.  I only co-create one Incantation at a time – so yours will have my undivided energy and attention.  It’s like hiring me for a week to focus souly on your creation.

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