Crystal Messengers – Personal Crystal Readings

I am a crystal whisperer.  I see into the essence of the stone beings and hear their songs (messages). Some time ago I was moved to gather together some crystals who had volunteered to offer their energy for crystal readings.  Much like a crystal oracle deck – but with the crystals themselves rather than pictures in a deck.   They communed quietly together for some time and then the day came when they let me know that they were ready to begin to share their messages.  It may be that they were waiting for me to be ready.  Either way now we (the messenger  crystals – and myself) have begun offering readings to those who wish to receive a message.

The first reading was offered as a gift and then I held a draw to give 3 away for free. The winners agreed that I could share their readings with you so you can see what they are about.  You are invited to read their messages:





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